How to enjoy electronic shopping, and be safe? 


This information is translated with love for English-speaking readers by specialists of our portal. The problem discussed in this section concerns everyone. The authors consider it necessary to acquaint foreign readers with similar problems. Here in the comments below you can share your invaluable experience, or leave a complaint against Russian online stores. Read the rest of the materials of our site, you can usi?ng the automatic built-in translator in your browser.

Development and ubiquity of the Internet – has led to the emergence and, in consequence, the explosive growth of e-commerce and e’shops. Appearing at the end of the twentieth century. In 10-12 years of the century 21, e-commerce caught up and began to overtake the traditional commerce. Electronic branches of real stores in the net, virtual stores, electronic trading platforms, trade aggregators, private sellers, private seller’s aggregators, bulletin boards, and another of this. Diverse e-trade captured and the Internet. The growth of electronic commerce on the first virtual stores has led to the emergence of the very real crooks and unscrupulous sellers cashing in on the purchaser l s, using crime schemes. Sometimes in the open providing the goods of inadequate quality, thereby misleading the buyer, or not sending the paid goods at all. Using a hidden x payment s and the like, it allows to obtain illicit profits in addition to the revenue from trade. How to enjoy electronic shopping and be safe? How to not get into the network scam? What do you need to do if you have been deceived, where to go and what to do? And most importantly, how to avoid unnecessary losses and frustration when shopping on the Internet? H and these and other questions will be answered by the portal “lawyer`s Club”.

The first thing you should be guided by when starting shopping on the Internet is to decide on the quality and price of the product you like in a regular store. If You have an opportunity to see, touch, determine the quality of the product that you liked – no doubt do it. Sometimes it is not possible. Ho, if you buy in your country`s online store and select a delivery with courier – you can always check the quality of goods before payment. This is the safest way. If the online store is foreign, the goods will be delivered by mail, and payment must be made immediately – It is important to pay attention to the store itself. Determining who you are dealing with is actually quite simple – you should pay attention to such things as: the assortment of the store, quality of electronic catalog, quality of the site. If it a foreign shop, and the site of its or branch office, should pay attention to quality of translation page of the catalog. This is something that is worth paying attention to when shopping in the e-store`s. Store s placed on trading systems or included in aggregators, obey the same rules of these sites. In most cases, it is the marketplace or aggregator that provides guarantees and is liable to the buyer. Do not be lazy – look at the photos and videos of the goods, what you are going to buy. Find sites were having information not only one this store, but also competitors, or customers who have bought this product before. Often, this is enough to have to estimate the average quality of the offered goods to you. Pay attention to the reviews not only about the product itself, but also about the store where you are going to buy. As well as the service and the method of delivery, which the purchased goods will be sent to you. Pay attention to how long has this store – working. More than six months, is likely to be more reliable than the shops that opened a week ago. And pay attention to feedback`s and comments on this store not only on the page or the website of the store. But about specialized resources, where buyers communicate with each other: complain about unscrupulous sellers, discuss the quality of the goods. Web have enough resources in the-all-countries segment of the Internet, and internationally. Many modern marketplaces and aggregators make up ratings for stores and retailers. Which often reflect the real state of affairs: that is, the number of successful transactions concluded, the number of returns and the number of positive and negative reviews. H as the basis of this ranking is also possible to make a definite opinion about the store. Undoubtedly should be paid to the quality of reviews and comments. About feedback`s and comments written on bad English, apparently using an electronic translator – must call the logical distrust of such a store and look for another. And such reviews and comments, something that the store and the seller not fair and most likely you will get the goods of poor quality or do not get at all. One more of think`s and you need pay attention, need to look for when choosing a product: it is a country of origin, and of course the price. It operates the same logic as in the real shopping: product – produced in Japan may not be sold in the Chinese online store in 2, 5, or even 10 times cheaper than in the country of origin. More chance they try you to cheat – as a result you get a not good product of china – poor quality or forgery.

Most likely you are faced with an unscrupulous seller, perhaps with frank fraud. Do not be lazy, if you have already decided on the product and the store where you want to buy it – familiarize with prices for this product in other stores. If your choice has fallen on foreign online store, look- maybe there is a possibility to buy the same product a little more expensive – in your country, but to be able to assess the quality of the goods before payment, and not after. Often we are seduced by the low price of the goods and pay the delivery of foreign online store, the buyer as a result we obtain goods at a price superior, the price of the same goods in the home country and at the same time it is deprived of the opportunity: return, quick exchange, warranty repair and everything else guaranteed by the law on consumer protection. Schemes – based on the remoteness of the store from the end customer, the inability to physically check the quality of the goods, long delivery times, non-cash payments are, as well as ignorance or lack of understanding of customers and rules of interaction with seller, relating to the exchange or return of goods, followed by a return of paid funds – is widely used unscrupulous sellers. The Book of China crime about how make the quality good`s quality, of the not good goods is certainly well-known brand, is several tens and sometimes hundreds of positive comments and thereby forming a positive image of deliberately low-quality goods and the seller. Page of the catalogue, were you made a purchase, entered you into the confusion with unreliable information provided by the seller, as a result, you receive the goods with the characteristics and properties, very, very far from the declared by the seller. Often the quality of the goods received is so not consistent with the declared seller and the price that causes and the buyer not only material damage, but also moral damage. Ask about payment methods, as mentioned earlier the preferred delivery method – by courier, with payment upon receipt. Because it is possible to check the quality of the goods before payment. In the case of non-cash payment, ask the details of the payee. If the dealer from your country, the recipient’s details must match the name and details of the store. Should be the bank account of the legal entity or individual am an entrepreneur if the seller is registered as an individual entrepreneur, but not a transfer of a demand in the name of a another person. This is a point – 90% of its work and fraudsters are trying to deceive you. With foreign stores more difficult. People without knowing the same language, only English, it is difficult to understand and compare the registration data and the store or seller, with the details of the payee. About if they go through an intermediary in the form of any electronic cash. Again, do not increase the chances of being cheated, look for reviews and customer comments to it, before use the services of the store. In some cases, do not be shy, but try to contact someone from the customer and clarify information about this seller we. Following it, what you need to pay attention – is the quality of the packaging of goods for delivery. It depends on how well the goods are packed by the seller and how accurately they are transported during the delivery process. What you get? A well-packed purchase, delivered without damage or it is impossible to use.

Another common type of fraud – is associated just with delivery. Most popular in 2000-2005 and is now quite rare. In this still actual for electronic items such as cell phones, TVs, computers. They sending junk deliberately put, this is usually part of the body`s, broken electronic chips or obviously inoperative, sometimes little resembling your order. Obtain and sig this, 90% of you think – that your purchase is damaged in transit and is likely to file a claim with the delivery service. This may be a courier service or mail. So, making sure, how possible it is in the reliability of the store and make the order, that is, the purchase – It remains to await delivery. The times when the seller intentionally failed to fulfill its obligations without sending the order and just cheat the buyer, in the past. Now, in this case, it is the responsibility of the seller and the delivery service, and the buyer receives compensation. In 95% of cases, you will receive your purchase in whole, undamaged packaging. Here comes the final stage of the sale and purchase, and here you need to be ready for anything. Having received the purchase in the delivery service, if possible, remove the unpacking process on the video and take unique photographs: the state of the transport packaging, product packaging, the condition and compliance of the goods with the declared quality. All this (Photo and Video) to help in the future, if there is, etc. All to the seller, to start and to win an argument, and in some cases, and the judicial process. Return the money spent, avoid unnecessary worries and protect yourself from illegal actions of sellers in the future.

Legal impact methods and laws of your country are different from Russian ones, consult a lawyer.

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4 thoughts on “How to enjoy electronic shopping, and be safe? 

  • 25.12.2019 в 05:02

    I loved this post! I read your blog fairly often and you are
    always coming out with some great stuff. I will shares
    this on my facebook, instagram and some of my loyalty followers.
    Great jobs! Keep work it with it.

  • 08.05.2019 в 23:17

    Thank you guys for the desired publication. Nobody has written this way here, it’s not how to determine the quality of the store. And here, well done, everything is clear. Thanks for such a clear instruction. And I want to tell that our stores also began to deceive. I have been a customer of for a long time. Recently, the description of the goods was not complete, not detailed. When ordering, there are many questions that the seller often does not respond. Buy at your own risk. And then return the thing or money is simply not possible. The seller says that everything is written in the description, and questions that arise explain when ordering. This allows the seller to cheat. The law does not work if it was the fault of the buyer. I bought a Chinese fake for Armstrong in this way, at the price of Armstrong. And it was impossible to prove anything. Be careful and vigilant. Read what is written here.

  • 07.05.2019 в 16:07

    Hello friends, I know you have written to talk with lawyers in your own country, but just tell the story. A couple of months ago I received a spam letter advertising miracle drugs. It said that it is done in the mountains of Siberia and helps from all diseases. They promised to cure my sick liver and stomach. I ordered two packs of one hundred grams for eight hundred dollars. I waited for delivery for two months and when the medicine arrived, I took the instruction and translated it into English. Do you know what the fuck it turned out? Shit!! It was called MUMIE !!! That was bat shit !!! You can imagine? These Russian Jews from Siberia sent me bat shit from all diseases? !!! I just can’t believe it. And if the Russians are being fucked up by the Chinese or someone else, I remember that shit and laugh. They get their shit too, not just me. store sent the shit: Altai-zlorovie.сom be careful.

    • 07.05.2019 в 16:24

      Hello. Thanks for your information. We, as lawyers of the portal, took note of it and will take it into account in our analytical data. And of course, based on the analysis, we’ll add this seller to the list of unreliable.


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